Will a Sales Blitz Work For Your Business?

By Scott Lorenz
Westwind Communications

What’s a sales blitz? It’s a one day or multi-day  blitz  of your immediate market area where your staff goes out to local businesses and hands out a flyer, business card, free gift card or something of value to secretaries, clerks or anyone else they can talk to. It’s a great public relations technique to get the word out about a new product, service or even the fact that you’re open for business.

This would work for just about any type of business that relies on walk in business whether retail or even service type business.

Pick a slow day, like Monday or Tuesday, pay your staff to come in, have them wear uniforms, pair up in teams and tell them to go out into the business community. Be sure to pay them a decent wage, buy them lunch, give them money for mileage, ask them to take brief notes, pick up a business card etc. Then do a de-briefing at the end of the day and get all of their information about their best sales calls, good prospects etc. Then offer prizes (like cash or gift certificates) to the  Blitzer  with the  best lead  of the day or in the case of a restaurant or coffee house the best potential future booking  for a party etc.

I’ve conducted sales blitzes for many clients from hotels and restaurants to health clubs and they ALWAYS deliver new business. Do the math. Let’s say you have seven staff people who each make 30 sales calls a day and you do this for five days straight Monday thru Friday you’ll have made 1050 sales calls! If just 2% decide to do business with you that’s 21 new customers! If 5% convert then you’ve just picked up 52 new customers. What’s not to like?

It’s very important to give the staff proper training, territories and a good pitch. Arm them with goodies that can be eaten such as fresh baked cookies, jars of candy (with your logo on the jar of course) and other useful swag. Besides the morale boost in your staff you’ll introduce or re-introduce your company into your market area.

The bottom line: You’ll be amazed at the success of this and the new business it will generate.

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