Should Authors Self Publish Their Books Online?

Authors who want to publish their work online will want to pick up a copy of ePublish by Steve Webber. ePublish is a step-by-step instruction manual that shows authors how to publish their work on all forms of electronic devices. From Amazon’s Kindle to iPhones and other platforms, ePublish discusses the “how to” and the “ins and outs” of each. It also suggests services which can help you publish your book electronically if you do not have the time, skill or patience to do it yourself. With this book as your guide almost anybody could publish a book electronically in a few hours.

Why publish electronically? It’s only a matter of time before it’ll be the preferred choice among readers because it offers a multitude of advantages. Weber Young Woman Sitting Looking at Laptop Screenpoints out that ebook readers can click to a link on the pages to an Internet discussion group or multimedia files with audio and video, not to mention that authors can update their work online. Try doing that with a printed book!

Weber also scopes out some new web sites offering services to authors. In an ever changing publishing world it helps to have someone like Weber find the best stuff, try it out and then write about it. It’s worth the price for that info alone. It’s like having a personal guru at your disposal.

One such site he uncovered is called which allows users to instantly retrieve historic and current Amazon rankings on competitors’ book and create 7-90 day reports. More importantly you can use this tool to research your next book or create a book marketing plan using the info gathered. You can compile a list of related books, comparing and contrasting sales figures and rankings, all for free while it’s in beta testing. Weber has gems like these and hundreds of others inside the pages of ePublish.

Weber also delves into book marketing strategies such as giving away the first chapters of the book online through Amazon, blogs or elsewhere to stimulate early e-sales.

ePublish is only 109 pages but its chock full of good solid insight into the most exciting thing to hit book publishing since Guttenberg invented moveable type. This is another terrific book by Steve Weber who is expert at cutting out unnecessary clutter and fluff. I highly recommend this book. For a list of my  “Favorite Book Marketing Books” check out this link to a complete list.