Get a Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Michigan
from Westwind Balloon Co.

Hot Air Balloon Ride Michigan
Hot Air Balloon Rides Michigan

Give a Gift They'll Never Forget!

Nobody forgets their first balloon flight. It is truly an experience that cannot compare to anything else. The sensation of flying over trees, lakes and streams, spotting deer and other wildlife is unique and inspiring. When a gift touches someone both emotionally and on a multi-sensory level people remember who gave it to them. If you really want to make a lasting impression, a hot air balloon ride is the ultimate "unforgettable" gift.

Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Kensington Park

Enjoy the excitement of a hot air balloon ride over the beautiful scenery of Oakland County, Michigan. You'll fly over the lakes and woods of Kensington Metro Park or Island Lake Park. On most flights you'll see White Tail Deer, hundreds of birds and other wildlife as we skim the treetops. It's a birds-eye view you can ONLY experience in a hot air balloon. Tell a friend about us!

Michigan  Hot Air Balloon Ride

Buy a Michigan Hot Air Balloon Ride

Flights are scheduled two hours prior to Sunset or at Sunrise. Flight duration is about one hour. The cost is $795.00 for two persons for a private flight.  All credit cards or checks are accepted.  Click here to schedule your flight or call (734) 667-2098.

Gift Certificates are available.  Because of the nature of ballooning business, there are no refunds.

Michigan  Hot Air Balloon Ride

About your Pilot, Scott Lorenz

Scott Lorenz, a veteran Hot Air Balloon Pilot since 1982, has logged 1650+ hours in flight.  He has flown hot air balloons across the USA and in several countries including Japan, China, Spain, France, Austria, and Canada. He is ready to take you and a guest on a balloon flight of a lifetime.

Scott's most memorable experiences; Flying over Niagara Falls, The Great Wall of China, Disney World, The Olympics in Calgary, St. Wolfgang, Austria, Saga, Japan, Nante, France, The Grand Prix of Spain, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, co-pilot for Mike Howard's Guinness World Records Skywalk at 19,000 feet, The Red Rock Balloon Rally in Gallup, New Mexico and handling media relations Kevin Uliassi's J. Renee Transglobal Balloon Flight. 

Michigan  Hot Air Balloon Ride

Ashlee Baracy

Ashlee Baracy of WDIV TV Takes a Hot Air Balloon Ride with Scott Lorenz of Westwind Balloon Co

Michigan  Hot Air Balloon Ride

Take a hot air balloon ride from Westwind Balloon Company!

Hot air balloon flights over Michigan are world renowned offering passengers a panoramic platform to capture the stunning beauty of our great state. Fly over the lakes and woods of Kensington Park or Island Lake State Park in Milford and Brighton. Balloon flights make memorable gifts and are bucket list items for many. Nobody forgets a balloon ride or who gave it to them either. It’s a terrific group gift or gift for the boss, sweet heart and a balloon flight is the most impressive wedding present possible. Hot air balloon rides in Michigan are available from May thru October. Click here to schedule a ride or call 734-667-2098. Gift certificates available. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or checks are accepted. 

FOX-2 Detroit ~ Jessica Starr

Jessica Starr of FOX-2 Detroit takes a hot air balloon flight over Milford, Brighton and South Lyon Michigan with pilot Scott Lorenz of Westwind Balloon Company. Jessica and Lorenz skimmed the treetops, touched the sky and spoke to people on the ground as they floated over the countryside 

Michigan  Hot Air Balloon Ride

Proud Member of

The Balloon Federation of America

Westwind Balloon Company was named one of America's Most Romantic Companies! for its “Marriage Proposal Flights”

Westwind Balloon Company

was named one of
America's Most Romantic Companies!
for its “Marriage Proposal Flights”

Michigan  Hot Air Balloon Ride

Josh White Jr. & Mike Ball

Legendary Folk Singer Josh White Jr. Plays Guitar and Sings "This Little Light of Mine" flying in a Hot Air Balloon over the Michigan countryside with fellow guitarist Mike Ball and Pilot Scott Lorenz of Westwind Balloon Company. 

Michigan  Hot Air Balloon Ride

Lila Lazarus 

Lila Lazarus of FOX-2 Detroit asked Michigan Hot Air Balloon pilot Scott Lorenz if he would help fulfill a cancer patient's dream to fly in a hot air balloon. Lorenz said "Yes" and the dream came true. Check out the balloon ride with Lila, Anna and Scott as they skim the treetops of Kensington Park in Milford, Michigan followed by the FOX-2 helicopter. According to Lorenz, "This was one of the most memorable balloon flights."

Michigan  Hot Air Balloon Ride


  • Scott, Just a note to say thank you again for the FANTASTIC balloon ride last Friday!

    It was certainly worth the wait, John and I both enjoyed it!

    Thanks for the pics as well, it is something that we will never forget! We will certainly recommend you to our friends and family!

    Jill & John Munn
  • Our balloon ride was everything we had imagined and even more. Thank you so very much!!! We got some great pictures and after we look at them again today we'd love to share with you. When I awoke this morning, our neighbor had sent me a few he'd taken. There's a priceless one of the grandchildren and me...the expressions of awesome joy of their faces when you gave them the "ride" and I look like I have a few tears of happiness. I was saying to the family that a fall color flight would be beautiful. Thanks again for a wonderful ride and experience. 
    DJ and Beth
  • I have many good things to say about the balloon ride- it was the best. It was something I waited 15 years to do and it was worth waiting for. I do believe God had a helping hand in it allowing me to take the balloon ride with a very special person to enjoy it as much as I did. I would gladly wait again to have the same experience. I would love to do it again! Thank you again for the wonderful experience- I even made a scrap book out of our hot air balloon flight! 

    Stephanie L. Welch
  • We had a great time on our balloon ride!! It was an amazing experience. Thanks for everything Scott, it will be a experience we won't ever forget!!!

    Jeff & Jenna
  • Scott: Here are all the pictures and some video from our ride. We had a BLAST! It'll be a memory we won't forget. Thank you for everything.

    Nick & Gloria
  • Dear Scott, Thanks for making our anniversary so memorable! We had a great time.

    Our friends are very interested and we're sending them your way!!

    Peter & Carrie Molesa
  • Scotty: This really is a "hot date" idea. Nancy and I had a blast. It was so cool to talk to people on the ground flying overhead. Then meeting all those nice people in the sub was way beyond anything we could have expected. Wanna trade jobs!

    Nancy & Stu
  • Hey Scott!

    We had the best time last night on/in your balloon. The sights and sounds were way beyond our expecations. I can't believe how many dogs were barking in South Lyon! We'll be back!

    Craig & Cindy
  • Thanks for the wonderful time we had with all of you yesterday. It was our first hot air ballooning experience and we both loved it very much. The whole experience from preparing the balloon for take off, launching it, floating in the beautiful Michigan countryside, watching the other 2 balloons going up and down, landing in the hay field, guiding the balloon towards the church with help of the kids and neighbours, folding the balloon with assistance from the very helpful and excited children and celebrating with champagne, was fantastic. We hope that we can do it again in the future. Bye and thanks again for the wonderful time

    Margaret and Joe

Michigan  Hot Air Balloon Ride


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