40th Annual Downtown Denver Awards Recognizes Regional Transportation District’s Leadership

February 19, 2001

For Release: February 19, 2001
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TransTeq’s EcoMark Hybrid Electric BRT Bus Cited For Its Unique Contribution to the Vibrancy of Denver

40th Annual Downtown Denver Awards Recognizes Regional Transportation District’s Leadership

Denver – Since its inception in 1962 when 85 people set out to encourage and honor the projects that were improving Downtown Denver, the Annual Downtown Denver Awards Dinner has recognized creative contributions to the vibrancy and uniqueness of the center city. At the 2001 Awards Dinner, a black tie affair attended by 950 people, the fuel efficient, low emission fleet of TransTeq’s EcoMark hybrid electric buses and a new light rail line helped Denver’s Regional Transportation District (RTD) garner a 2001 Downtown Denver Award.

The EcoMark was cited for its role in providing passenger ease and convenience with minimal pollution and improved fuel economy. The EcoMark has helped complete the transformation of the renowned downtown 16th Street Mall from a depressed inner city area to a thriving destination that has become Denver’s number one tourist attraction. The route through the 16th Street Mall, which now carries 55,000 passengers daily, is the backbone of the RTD system and serves to connect light rail lines and bus terminals with downtown Denver.

The 16th Street Mall was an idea championed by Denver’s leaders in 1982, including then-Mayor Frederico Pena, for both economic and transportation reasons. The 16th Street Mall itself won the award winner in 1983, described then as “a tribute to their vision, patience and commitment to the strengthened economic vitality of their center city.”

“We are pleased to be a part of a positive contribution to Denver downtown,“ said Paul Szilagyi, CEO of Transportation Techniques, LCC (TransTeq). “While we have been proud to host visitors from around the world who have come to see the EcoMark in operation, we are especially pleased to see RTD’s leadership receive such a prestigious honor from those that it serves,” added Szilagyi. “We would like to thank the RTD Board, its Chair, Mary Blue and its GM, Cal Marsella for the opportunity to provide Denver with our clean hybrid electric technology while creating good paying manufacturing jobs for its citizens.”

The EcoMark was designed to provide superior solutions to the common challenges of reducing congestion, improving fuel economy and lowering emissions. It was also designed to enhance the experience of riders on one of the original Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) routes in the nation. The EcoMark uses its breakthrough hybrid electric technology to carry 116 passengers with lower emissions than a car. The EcoMark uses a 70 HP engine fueled by clean compressed natural gas (CNG) and energy captured during braking to create the energy to propel the vehicle. The result is a superior environment for downtown residents, workers and visitors to the 16th Street Mall.

BRT, or Bus Rapid Transit, is an emerging transit design whereby advanced technology-equipped buses provide a cost-effective, environmentally friendly and upgraded transit service. BRT is viewed by many as a third way combining the best qualities of bus and light rail. Key characteristics of BRT systems include attractive, rail-like vehicles, exclusive rights-of-way, attractive infrastructure, streamlined fare collection and fast dwell times. The Federal Transit Administration has formed a BRT Consortium including 17 cities throughout the U.S. to develop and implement BRT.

TransTeq President Dale Hill, whose own background includes heavy duty trailer and railcar design and manufacturing in addition to advanced technology transit vehicles such as the EcoMark, is working with the FTA, CALSTART, transit authorities and others on advanced BRT design. “We know that most cities can benefit by providing clean, low-cost BRT services to their riders; we look forward to our role in providing others the same economic, environmental and transportation benefits now being enjoyed by Denver,” said Hill.

Denver-based TransTeq is an entrepreneurial company that designs, develops and manufactures advanced technology, environmentally superior, hybrid electric vehicles and is currently in its third round of funding. For additional information visit: http://www.transteq.com/index.asp.