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Whether you need to attract new business to your law firm or you have a lawsuit that needs to be promoted to the media, Westwind Communications can help you reach your goals.

“Making it Rain” new business begins by creating a positive image of your firm in the minds of potential clients and fellow attorneys. We’ll analyze your needs, benchmark the competition and will determine whether you need new collateral material such as a brochure or a web site, new TV ads, a direct mail campaign, messages on hold or a PR campaign targeting the media.

Every law firm is unique. Every situation is special; that’s why we’ll develop a distinctive law practice marketing plan just for you and your firm.

Litigation Public Relations
Winning or losing in the court of public opinion can be just as important as what happens in the courtroom. Westwind Communications helps clients and their lawyers develop communications strategies that support and enhance their legal strategies. Westwind Communications will work with the media to help them understand the case and assist them in the gathering of information, quotes, photos, videos, etc. so that the final published story reflects the position of the client.

Westwind Communications Litigation Public Relations include:

  • The development of an overall communications strategy.
  • Preparation of key talking points.
  • Preparation of press releases and support material.
  • Distribution of press releases and support material.
  • The development of key messages.
  • Media assistance – Helping the media at every opportunity to present the client’s side of the story.
  • Handling local as well as national media relations.
  • Monitoring media coverage for accuracy.
  • Training clients in effective media communications.
  • Attending hearings and trials when necessary for interaction with members of the media.
Read an article by Scott Lorenz Titled
"Effectively Using Media Relations in Litigation"

Westwind Shined a White-Hot-Light on Our Law Suit and Put Everyone on Notice!

"I turned to Scott Lorenz of Westwind Communications after an exasperating eight-year battle with insurance companies and the New York legal system. The issue was that a neighbor’s underground oil tank leaked over time and the oil migrated under my house making it an unbearable situation.

After racking up over $1.3 in legal and expert fees to no avail, I hired Scott Lorenz to turn up the heat on the opposing parties by generating news coverage. I thought that if the legal system won’t get this resolved maybe the news media can! Scott got two major New York TV stations, CBS and ABC to come out to my home and interview me and my environmental expert/consultant.

An astonished media could not believe this was happening. Their stories put a white-hot-light on the court case and put everyone on notice that major New York media was now watching this case. It gave me more resolve to keep fighting for our rights based on a NY State oil spill law, in a signed and so ordered settlement we have that is still being ignored by the insurance companies!

The bottom line: Scott Lorenz was worth every penny then some!"

CBS-TV-NYC Troubling-Backyard-Oil-Spill-Turns-Long-Island-Couples-Lives-Upside-Down/
ABC-TV-NYC Couple Fights to Get Home Fixed After Oil Leaks from Neighbor's Fuel Tank

Lynn Eskenazi
Lido Beach, New York

$2M suit over neighbor's oil leak goes to court

Lido Beach neighbors embroiled in oil lawsuit
Long Island News 12

2nd CBS- NYC Follow Up Story FEBRUARY 27, 2014
Long Island Woman Fights Huge Legal Bills After Neighbor’s Oil Tank Spilled

February 2, 2014 by SID CASSESE ~ Newsday
A Lido Beach couple has started the latest leg of their eight-year effort to gain more than $2 million in damages related to a neighbor's oil tank leak contaminating their property.

The dispute is now before State Supreme Court Justice F. Dana Winslow in Nassau County to determine the amount of the award in the case that has pitted neighbors against each other and insurance companies, and led one family to leave its home at times.

Lynn Eskenazi and her husband, Steven Kritzberg, seek $2.4 million in expenses and damages, down from their original $2.6 million request, their attorney, John Pittoni of Garden City, said in court last week.

Eskenazi, whose house is on Eden Road, said in an interview that "the oil was in our crawl space and terrible, getting into our clothes, furniture, even hair. There's no telling what it's doing to our health."

The dispute started in October 2005 when she and Kritzberg learned that the 275-gallon underground oil tank of next door neighbors, Robert and Deborah Mackoul, was leaking and contaminating the soil. They sued the Mackouls to clean up the contamination.

Eskenazi, Kritzberg and their two children still live in the house, but said the oil smell has forced them out four times since 2005.

The Mackouls did not attend the Jan. 21 hearing and did not return calls for this story.

"We want to resolve this case as soon as possible . . . within the limits of the policy," Curtis Sobel, the Huntington lawyer representing the Mackouls and the Hanover Insurance Group of Worcester, Mass., said, adding that those limits are about $1.4 million. He said he did not represent the second Mackoul firm -- One Beacon Insurance, based in Bermuda -- but spoke for them.

Winslow in September ordered enforcement of a February 2012 agreement by the two sides after the insurance companies tried to rescind the agreement.

They argued that testing under Eskenazi and Kritzberg's house after the agreement was reached showed the site could meet state Department of Environmental Conservation safety requirements for about $60,500 instead of the estimated $1 millionplus to raze the building, clean the soil, and rebuild the house as outlined in the agreement.

Winslow said in his decision ordering the agreement enforced that "there existed sufficient soil contamination to warrant regulatory intervention."

The insurance companies have filed a notice of appeal that allows them six months to challenge Winslow's Sept. 27 ruling.

The hearing on the award amount is to resume Feb. 25.

"The insurance companies keep drawing this case out, thinking we will quit," Eskenazi said. "To finance our legal battle against these insurance companies, we used all our savings and our two boys' college funds."

“As the premier provider of court reporting and litigation support solutions in the USA, we utilized Westwind Communications in a very complicated patent lawsuit involving our firm where they helped explain the merits of the lawsuit in a way that all parties in the industry could understand, from court reporters and lawyers to the media. Westwind Communications was able to cut through the clutter and make sense of it all.”

Jeanne Foulon
Chief Marketing Officer
Hobart West Group
Esquire Deposition

“For more than ten years Scott Lorenz has handled the marketing and public relations for our law firm. He has been the driving force in enhancing our image and increasing public perception. He obtained dozens of print and electronic news stories including 50 plus news-feature segments on FOX-TV, dramatically improved our web presence and its importance in attracting new clients. He created and managed the pay per click advertising program which has been a significant development in the marketing of any practice. I unequivocally endorse Scott and the good services of Westwind Communications”

Listen to Terry L. Cochran comments about Scott Lorenz of Westwind Communications.

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